Our mission

Help find your optimal involvement, expression, and eventually overall wellness. As passionate movement enthusiasts, we want to awaken your personal best. Movement helps you develop on multi-dimensional levels; physical, emotional and often spiritual.

Still Life

Without movement the body begins to seize up. You experience distressing immobility. Your muscles weaken and begin to break down. Your range of motion is more and more diminished. Discomfort and pain become an accepted, daily inevitability and depression often follows close behind.

This is not something you have to accept and at Movement 4 Life (M4L) we challenge the inevitabilities of the body’s aging and slowing down processes and instead have an approach to wellness through movement.

We embrace four key components: breathing, alignment of the body, strength training and increased flexibility. Every person taking lessons and learning dance technique will benefit from these components because they are foundational to your balance, your endurance, the flow of blood and energy through your body and the precision and grace of your movements.

We seek to reveal each person’s brilliance, regardless of age, physical health, limitations or handicaps through our mission to help each person find optimal involvement, expression, and eventually, overall wellness.

As passionate movement enthusiasts, we want to awaken everyone to reach their personal best. Movement helps a person develop on multi-dimensional levels; physically, emotionally and in some cases spiritually.

It is true that life is in constant motion, and with time passing so rapidly, what we do for ourselves routinely serves as the building blocks for long-term change. By reinforcing good habits, and applying learned sensory tools, participating couples and individuals can find greater personal fulfilment in their own lives.

How We Can Help You

We would love to take on the challenge to bring you to a place of harmony, awareness and ultimately peace and well-being through the exploration of movement.

As coaches, we have one agenda: to help you realize your own greatness.

We have no confines or borders, be it through meditation, yoga, dance, energy healing or fitness conditioning, we want to be your guru, coach, training partner or friend helping you realize you already have the answers inside of you.

You don’t have to be a dancer to benefit from M4L. Every individual can reap the benefits of improved circulation, deeper, focused breathing, movement geared to particular needs and learning how to connect with and balance yourself in body, mind and spirit. M4L is a gentle, restorative approach to wholeness.

Who We Are

Keith & Lisa Banks

Together let’s start a movement.

Most recently, Co Directors of iCoArts, Inspiring Community Outreach through the Arts. Working in Immokalee to reach their fullest potential.

Email iCoArts.Florida@gmail.com if interested in learning more about High School Dance Team and Community Outreach.

As owner/founder of Studio 10 Dance for 25 years we’ve faced our share of challenges but have always come through by caring for people.

Together we have kept the community prospering through varied outreach and creative programs:

  • Packaging food with “Meals of Hope” (3 years)

  • Ciclovia Inmokalee (3 years)

  • Inmokalee Clean Up (3 years)

  • Second Harvest Food Bank (Santa Clara County)

  • 10K Walk for Breast Cancer

  • Bags of Love (San Francisco)

  • Cure for Cancer Café

  • Blankets for Humanity (San Jose)

These are just a few of the causes we have championed.

Aligning our mission with community needs have been the foundation of our success.

Through coaching, teaching, choreography and producing we have come to believe life is boundless.

Running a dance and fitness based business along with maintaining a healthy marriage, raising four boys, and guiding a staff of diverse artists we completely understand the daily stressors and limitations that come from having societal expectations. Add to that family dynamics, vocational pressures, relationships and our deepest fears keep us from realizing our best SELF.

Acting as resources we become conduits for health. Experienced guides through the changes and development of improved body mechanics, we have an interest in explorers like you.

What to Do Next

We offer various classes, workshops, public speaking, events, private coaching and so much more.



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Lisa banks

2013 Imagen Award winner for best web-series/drama. Movement helps you develop on multi-dimensional levels; physical, emotional and often spiritual. [...]

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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