Make your day to day activities more manageable: ie. Walking, standing, climbing stairs along with mild athletics become fun and enjoyable.

Embrace positivity, wellness and creativity; bring more harmony, peace and balance into your life.

Lisa and Keith come to you – home, community or school – and teach an array of classes from Basics 4 Health, The Dancer’s Body and Movement for Women, to Mind/Body Awareness, Guided Imagery, Connection 4 Partners and even Care 4 Caregivers.

They use dance as a tool to relax the body and mind while coaching students to focus on breathing, alignment, strength training and flexibility. This approach works on a quantum level (matter and energy) to reduce stress and minor discomfort, increase range of motion, ease body mobility and improve overall performance and wellbeing.

While programs are offered in group settings, participants receive individualized attention to meet their current needs – modifications, stretching, kinesiology/energy work – and reach their maximum potential.

The goal is releasing the physical, psychological and, dare I say it, emotional blocks that keep us from peak performance as athletes and dancers on the stage life. And, it’s fun!

A life-long dancer and documentarist, Lisa explains that there is innate wisdom and creativity in the body that’s released during dance. “This is our life’s choreography, freeing energy for fitness and daily living.”

With 25+ years as a fitness trainer and dance coach, as well as a BS in Dance and Pre-Physical Therapy, Keith explains it another way. “Our bodies and brains are stimulated by dance and music. When combined with experienced coaching, dance helps us to redefine limits, address patterns and release limiting beliefs, delving into a deeper strength and higher level of wellness.”

Just as Keith and Lisa’s approaches compliment one another, dance can complement our training efforts by creating a more balanced, agile body and mind, leading to a more well-rounded life.

This becomes crucial as we age, or are injured, and work to identify exercise that is enjoyable and maintains our health without harming bodies that have logged countless hours at the gym, on the court or pavement.

According to both Lisa and Keith, life is an improvisational dance and we’re constantly making adjustments. Whether we’re conditioned athletes or not, Movement 4 Life’s work in the studio can help us learn to embrace what is and what can be, as well as the dance of life itself.


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Make your day to day activities more manageable: ie. Walking, standing, climbing stairs along with mild athletics become fun and enjoyable. [...]

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